Service Contracts

Air conditioners are complex machines with many electronic, mechanical and moving parts. When you, your family or tenants are freezing or sweltering is the worst time to to try to deal with a broken HVAC system. Let a Miller Aire Corp service contract help prevent a breakdown at a most inconvenient time.

Regular maintenance provided by a standard service agreement can prevent breakdowns by as much as 90%. Without regular inspections, your unit will tend to break down during the extremes temperatures when the strain on the unit is the greatest.

A Miler Aire Corp service contract also is a wise investment. The relatively small cost will save on your monthly utility costs and extend the life of your entire system.


Unit Cleaning

Simple things such as cleaning coils and lubricating motors and belts can significantly extend the life of your HVAC system. We will inspect your unit and components and:

  • Clean or replace air filters.

  • Clean and wash evaporator coil.

  • Blow out condensate drain, clean and check pan.

  • Lubricate all motor bearings.

  • Check proper amperage and volts on motor and compressor.

  • Check freon levels.

  • Check refrigerant piping for leaks.

  • Check air distribution.

  • Check and clean steam heater coils and inspect related piping.

  • Test entire system and submit repair recommendations to the owner and provide a detailed estimate prior to any repairs being done.


Part Replacement

Miller Aire Corp stocks a wide range of replacement parts for HVAC systems and thru-the-wall PTAC units. This allows us to provide most repairs without delays. As a part of our service agreement, we check the parts needed for your specific manufacturer.